Venomari General Acidicus
is the general of the Venomari tribe and keeper of their staff. He is very intelligent, as most other Venomari are not. Since some in his tribe cannot produce venom, he cleverly constructed vials for all Venomari snakes to carry into battle. He strongly supports Pythor's efforts to unite the four Serpentine tribes.

Lego Ninjago: Rise of the SnakesEdit

Acidicus and his tribe were freed by Pythor, and he along with the Constrictai joined forces with him to unite all tribes. The Venomari and Constrictai then ambushed the ninja during their search for the Serpentine tombs, and nearly killed them in the Toxic Bogs. But, Samurai X intervened and drove off the Serpentine, allowing Sensei to rescue the ninja. Acidicus was seen with the other Serpentine generals when Pythor was attempting to unite their tribes. The ninja once again foiled another Serpentine plot, and Acidicus and the Venomari retreated along with the other tribes.


Acidicus' body is a swamp green color with several markings from the torso down. He uses a fang dagger in battle as well as the deadly Venomari venom. Anyone who is hit by the venom hallucinates and see their worst fears materialize before them.


  • Acidicus could possibly be good friends with Pythor
  • Acidicus' fang blade, surprisingly, is Hypnobrai, not Venomari