is a strategetic-minded Hypnobrai soldier. He comes from a long line of Hypnobrai warriors, so feels he has a lot to live up to. As well as the right to more power, and feels he can't advance through the ranks fast enough.


Mezmo was one of the many in the Hypnobrai not pleased with Slithraa being under Lloyd Garmadon's control. He called Skales a coward to not act while knowing that Slithraa was hypnotized. Because of his displeasure in Lloyd's control of Slithraa, he was acceptive to Skales becoming the new general of the tribe.


Mezmo, like most other tribe cobras, has a hood smaller to that of higher-ranking individuals such as Skales or Slithraa. His scales are mostly blue with white markings. In combat, Mezmo employs a deadly double-edged axe.

  • Many of the foot soldiers of the Hypnobrai look similar to Mezmo a Hypnobrai scout, Rattla