is the current general and keeper of the Hypnobrai staff. After the Hypnobrai's original general, Slithraa, was put under the control of Lloyd Garmadon, Skales moved to rob the former of his commanding position and take it for himself. Skales defeated Slithraa in the Slither Pit, and claimed the Hypnobrai Staff and became the new general.


Skales was displeased with the new heading the general took for Lloyd from the beginning, and continously questioned the new missions. His arguements had no success, and only angered Slithraa. After an attack on Jaimonikai Village to only raid it of sweets, the staff was lost, and the spell the general was under was realized by most of the tribe. The Hypnobrai then soon were instructed to build a treehouse for Lloyd, in which he once again questioned, even further angering Slithraa. The ninja attacked the treehouse, and Skales trapped Lloyd in a barred cage, then taking the tribe to retrieve the staff from the ninja's monastery. During the retrieval, the snakes burned the monastery to the ground. Proceeding back to their ice caverns, Slithraa demanded the return of his staff, and Skales refused. The tribe chanted for a face-off in the Slither Pit, and the second-in-command bested his superior. Skales grew a tail and claimed the staff, and Slithraa was put as second-in-command. General Skales then commanded Lloyd to leave the tribe and never return.


As the second-in-command to Slithraa, Skales' body was blue, but he had gray arms and several goldish yellow markings. It is unknown what his weapon of choice was at that time. As general, Skales entire body was blue and he had more markings. He not only held the command staff, but also an anchor staff and for combat use.


"You will be loyal to me now!" -To Slithraa, after becoming the Hypnobrai general

"Now to get the staff!" -After trapping Lloyd in a wooden cage

"Snakes don't belong in trees." -To Slithraa during the treehouse construction

"You will obey my every command." -While hypnotizing

  • Skales is a master of the ancient Serpentine martial art Fang Kwon Do
  • Unlike most other Hypnobrai cobras, his hood is larger, the same with Slithraa
  • As well as martial arts, Skales has combat skills with weapons such as swords and staffs