Hypnobrai Staff

The Hypnobrai Staff

Fangpyre Staff

The Fangpyre Staff

Venomari Staff

The Venomari Staff

The Staff of a snake tribe was held by the tribe's general and signified their command and rank. All staffs are gold with a unique insignia of their tribe, and have the same design of a cobra slithering up the staff.

Hypnobrai StaffEdit

Currently held by Skales, the Hypnobrai's golden staff holds a vial of antivenom to cure one of a hypnotized state.

Fangpyre StaffEdit

The Fangpyre's golden staff also contains a vial of antivenom to stop the transformation of anyone into a snake, and is held by Fangtom However, the antivenom has no effect if the snake transformation is complete.

Venomari StaffEdit

The Venomari's golden staff, like that of the Fangpyre and Hypnobrai, houses a vial of antivenom to cure one of hallucination from the Venomari's venom. Acidicus holds the Venomari staff.

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