The Venomari Tribe is a group of Serpentine known for the use of their venom to cause one's hallucination and materialization of their worst fears before them. They call the poisonous Toxic Bogs home, and are led by the surprisingly intelligent Acidicus.

Lego Ninjago: Rise of the SnakesEdit

The Venomari and Constrictai tribes were freed by Pythor, who sought to unite the four tribes. After discovering that Sensei Wu had sent his ninja to find the tombs, the Venomari combined forces with the Constrictai in an ambush at the Toxic Bogs. The snakes nearly defeated them, but Samurai X drove off the Serpentine, allowing them to find safety and eventually be rescued by Sensei. The Venomari were then gathered with the Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, and Constrictai in the Ninjago City undergrounds, so that Pythor could unite them. However, the ninja turned the tribes on each other, and the Venomari, as well as the other three tribes, retreated.


  • All Venomari, except Acidicus, seem to be unintelligent
  • While some Venomari cannot produce venom, some produce too much